Journal of Flow Chemistry

Volume 8, issue 1, March 2018

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The journal of flow chemistry – off to a new start
C. Oliver Kappe
Content type:Editorial Published: 01 March 2018 Pages: 1 – 1
Simple and selective conversion of fructose into HMF using extractive-reaction process in microreactor
Authors (first, second and last of 7)
Janine LueckgenLaurent VanoyeAlain Favre-Réguillon
Content type:Communications Published: 16 March 2018 Pages: 3 – 9

Esterification of benzoic acid in a continuous flow microwave reactor
Authors (first, second and last of 4)
Ádám TajtiNóra TóthGyörgy Keglevich
Content type:Review Published: 15 February 2018 Pages: 11 – 19

Sustainable synthesis of N-methylated peptides in a continuous-flow fixed bed reactor
Aliz SzloszárIstván M. MándityFerenc Fülöp
Content type:Full Paper Published: 23 February 2018 Pages: 21 – 27

A continuous-flow procedure for the synthesis of 4-Benzylidene-pyrazol-5-one derivatives
Authors (first, second and last of 7)
Jiangang YuJianguo XuYanwen Lv
Content type:Full Paper Published: 12 March 2018 Pages: 29 – 34

Catalyst-free reductive amination of levulinic acid to N-substituted pyrrolidinones with formic acid in continuous-flow microreactor
Authors (first, second and last of 5)
Tengfei MaHong-Yu ZhangYuecheng Zhang
Content type:Full Paper Published: 13 March 2018 Pages: 35 – 43

Immobilization of lipase on the surface of a micro tube and continuous transesterification
Authors (first, second and last of 6)
Yuko YoshimuraAkane SaitoHajime Mori
Content type:Full Paper Published: 06 March 2018 Pages: 45 – 50

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