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The Flow Chemistry Society was formed by internationally recognized flow chemistry experts in 2010 to unite and represent those who are actively working on this rapidly developing field. The Society is dedicated to enhance the public appreciation of flow chemistry and its integration into everyday practice throughout the world by delivering the latest knowledge and making it available for the entire chemistry community.

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Volume 13, issue 1, March 2023

9 articles in this issue Read this issue on SpringerLink TfOH-catalyzed three-component synthesis of Dithiocarbamates from α-Diazoesters under continuous flow conditionsAuthors (first, second and last of 6)Rui WangHangli HeFener ChenContent...

Volume 12, issue 4, December 2022

Read this issue on SpringerLink A multi-step continuous flow synthesis of pomalidomideAuthors (first, second and last of 4)Maria IvanovaJulien LegrosPhilippe JubaultContent type:CommunicationsPublished: 19 April 2022Pages: 383 - 387 Simultaneous determination of...

Volume 12, issue 3, September 2022

14 articles in this issue Read this issue on SpringerLink Continuous diameter increase reactor – a reactor concept for maximizing productivity by a controlled diameter extensionAuthorsMarcus HafnerFabian WolffThorsten RoederContent type:CommunicationsOpen...

Volume 12, issue 2, June 2022

11 articles in this issue Read this issue on SpringerLink Flow dearomatization of electron-poor 3-fluoromethylthioindoles by 1,3-dipolar cycloadditionMaxime ManneveauBatoul RkeinIsabelle ChataignerContent type:CommunicationsPublished: 28 September 2021Pages: 141 -...