Journal of Flow Chemistry

Volume 10, issue 4, December 2020

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Timothy Noël
Content type:Editorial Published: 18 November 2020 Pages: 583 – 583
Meet the flow chemist
Timothy Noël
Content type:Editorial Published: 04 December 2020 Pages: 585 – 588

Continuous-flow double diazotization for the synthesis of m-difluorobenzene via Balz-Schiemann reaction
Authors (first, second and last of 7)
Jiming LiuDuoheng WangWeike Su
Content type:Communications Published: 15 September 2020 Pages: 589 – 596

Catalyst-free biphasic oxidation of Thiophenes in continuous-flow
Authors (first, second and last of 5)
Su WangYeersen PatehebiekeXiao Wang
Content type:Full Paper Published: 21 July 2020 Pages: 597 – 603

Process intensification in carbonylation of formaldehyde with active and passive enhancement methods
Authors (first, second and last of 6)
Zhihao ZhuGuodong KangYiming Cao
Content type:Full Paper Published: 10 July 2020 Pages: 605 – 613

A microfluidic concentration gradient generator for simultaneous delivery of two reagents on a millimeter-sized sample
Milad RismanianMohammad Said SaidiNavid Kashaninejad
Content type:Full Paper Published: 07 July 2020 Pages: 615 – 625

One-step microdevices for synthesizing morphology-controlled ultraviolet-curable polysiloxane shell particles
Authors (first, second and last of 6)
Jianwei ZhuJinyu ChenLiqun He
Content type:Full Paper Published: 16 July 2020 Pages: 627 – 635

Development of a packed-bed flow process for the production scale hydrogenation of 7-oxo-lithocholic acid to ursodeoxycholic acid
Seung Jae LeeYashwardhan R. MalpaniIl Won Kim
Content type:Full Paper Published: 14 September 2020 Pages: 637 – 646

The impact of microfluidic reactor configuration on hydrodynamics, conversion and selectivity during indan oxidation
Authors (first, second and last of 4)
Muhammad N. SiddiqueeYucheng WuNeda Nazemifard
Content type:Full Paper Published: 11 September 2020 Pages: 647 – 660

Continuous-flow synthesis of (E)-2-Hexenal intermediates using a two-stage microreactor system
Authors (first, second and last of 4)
Jian DengPengcheng ZouGuangsheng Luo
Content type:Full Paper Published: 09 September 2020 Pages: 661 – 672

Telescoped continuous flow synthesis of phenyl acrylamide
Authors (first, second and last of 6)
Jatuporn SalaklangErika MertensTanja Junkers
Content type:Full Paper Published: 27 August 2020 Pages: 673 – 679

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