Journal of Flow Chemistry

Volume 9, issue 3, September 2019

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Timothy Noël
Content type:EditorialNotes Published: 06 September 2019 Pages: 155 – 159

Continuous synthesis of plate-like silica microparticles using microfluidics
Mohsen TamtajiAliasghar Mohammadi
Content type:Full Paper Published: 28 May 2019 Pages: 161 – 174

Experiments on the magnetic enrichment of rare-earth metal ions in aqueous solutions in a microflow device
Authors (first, second and last of 5)
K. Kolczyk-SiedleckaM. WojnickiP. Zabinski
Content type:Full Paper Open Access Published: 29 May 2019 Pages: 175 – 185

Mixing efficiency and pressure drop analysis of liquid-liquid two phases flow in serpentine microchannels
Authors (first, second and last of 4)
Jin-yuan QianXiao-juan LiZhi-jiang Jin
Content type:Full Paper Published: 08 June 2019 Pages: 187 – 197

Microreactor assisted method for studying isocyanate–alcohol reaction kinetics
Christian Orlando Camacho LópezZsolt FejesBéla Viskolcz
Content type:Full Paper Open Access Published: 10 July 2019 Pages: 199 – 204

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