October 16-18, 2019, FROST7, Budapest, Hungary (25% discount to FCS members)

The Flow Chemistry Society (FCS) was formed by approximately 40 dedicated scientists and researchers in the autumn of 2010 in Switzerland with the purpose of providing a self-organizing forum for flow chemists both in the academic and the industrial sector, to increase awareness and educate the professional community of chemists, to stimulate the advancement and to enhance the public appreciation of flow chemistry. Since then, the Society has grown rapidly, receiving recognition both within Europe and internationally.

The FCS’s mission is to stimulate the development of flow chemistry and its integration into everyday practice throughout the world for the benefit and progress of the chemistry community, including pharmaceutical, agro, fine-chemical, petro-chemical, fragrance industries, as well as in green chemistry and novel catalysis research.

In addition, the FCS aims to foster the introduction of a new paradigm to the organic chemistry: to promote the transformation of the present day’s organic synthesis processes into a more rapid continuous set of synthesis operations, which is more compatible with our envisioned sustainable world. The FCS is highly committed to promote the implementation of this pioneering technology into the laboratory practice, to encourage communication between the scientists and making new knowledge widely available.

The first FROST conference was organized in this spirit in 2007 back then by the American Chemical Society Hungarian Chapter. The conference is organized in every second year with growing interest. At every conference a young scientist is honoured with a Poster Award, whose results are innovative and take place in an interesting segment of the field.
At the last day of the three-day long conference the Flow Chemistry Academy is held. It is a workshop, where exhibitors can present their equipment in operation and participants can attend free of charge. It is a great opportunity to share thoughts and experiences among experts and inquirings.

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Welcome – FROST 7, October 16-18, 2019, Budapest, Hungary (frostconferences.com)

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