Flow Chemistry Society

The Flow Chemistry Society - operating from Kleinandelfingen, Switzerland - was formed by internationally recognized flow chemistry experts in 2010 to unite and represent those who are actively working on this rapidly developing field.

The Society is dedicated to enhance the public appreciation of flow chemistry and its integration into everyday practice throughout the world by delivering the latest knowledge and making it available for the entire chemistry community.

The primary goal of the Society is to stimulate the development and advancement of flow chemistry for the benefit and progress of the chemistry community, and, to provide a highlevel scientific forum for organic chemistry laboratories within the academic and industrial sector (including pharmaceutical, agro, fine-chemical, petro-chemical, fragrance industries) as well as in green chemistry and novel catalysis research.

In addition, the Society aims to foster the introduction of a new paradigm to the organic chemistry: to promote the transformation of present day’s organic synthesis processes into a more rapid continuous set of synthesis operations, which is more compatible with our envisioned sustainable world.

The Society will realize its goals through editing a scientific journal, organizing and hosting scientific events with emphasis on the interdisciplinary aspects of flow chemistry. We envisage further spread of the knowledge and technologies of flow chemistry to the field of biologics, bioanalytics, and nanotechnology, forensic and other sciences in the near future.

Dr. Ferenc Darvas
Founder and Chairman

Collaborating partners



Dr. Ferenc Darvas (Florida International University)
Dr. Genovéva Filipcsei (Principle Scientist, NanGenex Inc.)
Assistant Director
Szilvia Gilmore (InnoStudio Inc.)

Corporate Founders
Mettler Toledo AutoChem, Inc., USA
Corporate members
Advion Inc., USA
Knauer GmbH, Germany
SpacePharma SA, Switzerland
HNP Mikrosysteme GmbH, Germany
Corning S.A.S., France
ThalesNano Inc., Hungary